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Get a whole plant world inside one guide

Become a true hero for your greenies! Simplify your plant care routine and make it flawless by following recommendations from professionals.

What’s in there for you?

  • +420Real hacks
  • +300Key insights
  • 250Hours saved
  • 10Min per book

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This guide includes more info than 30 books on plant care

+420 real hacks

You'll get simple plant-care tips proven by experts. You'll find how to apply coffee and curry beans as a plant fertilizer and many other useful hints.

+300 key insights

This guide will help you find personal ways to care for your green pets. Make them thrive and prolong their lives for years ahead with our book.

250 hours saved

It’s better to read once than to try a hundred ways of keeping your plant alive. We are not against the experiments but are rather willing to lead you in the right direction.

10 min per book

We have split the topics so you can easily reach the needed one. Absorb the information quickly and have more time for your green friends.

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    This book saved my life! I’ve been looking for a brief guide on a bit of everything about houseplant care and finally found it. Now it’s my Garden Bible.

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    I and my whole gardening family are total fans of this book! Manuals, shortlists of what you may need, lots of lifehacks - everything as we love. Absolutely recommend!

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    I just adore the way everything is explained. So simple but detailed! The chapter about top plants for different household conditions is my personal favorite.


More than 50 qualified botanists from PlantIn created this guide for you


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